About Us

Company Background

Otaka Engineering and Supplies Pte Ltd is established in early 2004 in Singapore as a support service provider to the Ports in the Asia Region. We provide fabrication services for parts and engineering services for the overhaul of cranes.

In Year 2007, the company has diversified the business to the semiconductor, microelectronics, pharmaceutical industries and Oil & Gas Industries. We have recruited Specialists from these industries that have experiences in both mechanical and process system.

    We have developed our resources over the year in response to growing customer demand for a diversity of coordinated services primarily focusing on

  • Construction & Engineering Services
  • Building & Facilities Management Services
  • Construction & Quality Management Services
  • Inspection & Testing Services
  • Facilities & System Commissioning Services

Training & Development

At Otaka, we pride ourselves on the quality of our workforce, our diverse and extensive experience and vast knowledge of the industry, relevant codes, standards and local government regulations. Our achievements have raised product quality to meet the highest specifications and reduced the risk of failure.We are committed to continuous improvement of our service and competency of our employee through continual education and participation in training programmes.




Years of experience