Construction & Engineering Services

Otaka Engineering And Supplies Pte Ltd is a Registered BCA Contractor. We develop comprehensive engineering, construction and maintenance solutions to support building development and facilities. We support the implementation of green building concepts and advise owners on energy conservations. Our aim is to help our clients to control costs and improve design, quality and efficiency by providing one-stop solution for Design, Construction, and Quality management for your project.

  • Cleanroom Design and Build
  • Minor Construction and A&A projects
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Process (MEP) Engineering services
  • Process piping installations
  • Customized fabrications

Building & Facilities Management Services

Otaka provides a full range of Mechanical, Electrical and Building management services for schools, hospital, semiconductor, microelectronics, pharmaceutical data centres and commercial industries. Our multi-discipline capability combined with our extensive field experience provides a seamless, efficient facilities solutions for our clients.

  • Building maintenance service such as painting, floor & wall repair, water-proofing
  • Preventive maintenance services for HVAC, Process pumps, Scrubbers and Electrical systems
  • Predictive Maintenance programme
  • Corrosion treatment for structural and piping system
  • Facilities equipment performance evaluation

Construction & Quality Management Services

Our project engineering team consists of experienced personnel from Mechanical, Process, Electrical, Fire Protection and Controls. With the vast experiences and knowledge, we provide independent construction project management and quality assurance/quality control services to construction managers, high purity contractors, gas suppliers, and owners of semiconductor, biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

  • Construction Project Management Services for Civil, Architectural, Mechanical, Process, Electrical, Building Controls and Fire Protection systems.
  • Material Inspections / Vendor Audits / Source Inspections / Factory Acceptance Test
  • Welder Qualification/Weld Inspections
  • Start Up, Testing & Commissioning Services

Inspection & Testing Services

Otaka Provides a full range of Inspection & Testing services. We have recruited Specialists from different industries that have experiences in both mechanical, electrical, process and cleanroom systems.

  • Cleanroom Testing and Adjustment services
  • Biosafety cabinet testing services
  • Building/Room air leakage testing services
  • Indoor Air Quality testing services
  • Testing, Adjustment and Balancing (TAB) for air & hydronics systems
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging Services for mechanical & electrical systems
  • Third party vendor audits & source inspection services
  • Third party tanks and vessels inspection services
  • Facilities equipment inspection & performance testing

Facilities & System Commissioning Services

We truly understand the industry standards & requirements with respect to system and product purity, integrity, consistency and performance. Our commissioning programs were developed based on the highest level of quality standards and industry trends.

  • Start Up, Testing & Commissioning Services
  • System Re-commissioning services

Indoor Air Quality Consultation and Solution Provider

Our Certified Indoor Air Quality consultant will assist you in full range of testing services for indoor air quality. Applicable for both residential and commercial.

  • Council-Certified Indoor Envirnomental Consultant (CIEC) by American Council for Accreditied Certification
  • Formaldehyde Testing and Removal
  • TVOC Testing
  • Particulate Matters (PM2.5 & PM10) testing
  • Total Bacterial and Total Mould counts air sampling
  • Airborne Molecular Contamination Testing