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Otaka Engineering And Supplies Pte Ltd provide quality services for every manner of Building Project, whether new or tenant improvement, in both the private and public areas.† We have a great deal of expertise working in highly technical lab locations, hospitals, office buildings, financial facilities, hard disk drives and pharmaceutical facilities.


Our team project experiences have enable us to assist our clients to solve contamination problems, wherever the source, effectively and efficiently.† Our aim is to help our clients to control costs and improve design, quality and efficiency by providing one-stop solution for Design, Construction and Quality Management for your project.


We truly understand the industry requirements with respect to system and product purity, integrity, consistency and performance.† Our quality assurance programs were developed based on the highest level of quality standards and industry trends.† We are committed in providing our clients with the latest industry practices and state-of-the-art analytical equipments and cutting-edge devices in order to achieve accurate results and full compliance with the clientís specifications and governing regulations.† Otaka offers complete and specialized quality assurance solutions for a wide array of activities that caters for your manufacturing and production needs around the Globe.


Otaka Engineering And Supplies Pte Ltd is a Registered Building And Construction Authority (BCA)Contractor and also a member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) since the year of 2009.† We support the implementation of green building concepts and advise owners on energy conservations.†

 HEPA Leak Testing††††††††††††††††††††††††

 Airborne Particle Counting†††††††††††††

 Data Statistical Analysis†††††††††††††††††

 Filter Airflow & Uniformity Testing††

 Airflow Parallelism Testing†††††††††††††

 Cleanroom Pressurization Testing†

 Enclosure Integrity Testing

 Sound Testing

 Vibration Testing

 Temperature & Humidity Testing

 Lighting Level Measurements

 Recovery Tests


 Thermal Imaging

 SMACNA Duct Air Leakage† Testing (DALT)†††††††††††

 Building Air Leakage Testing†††††††††††††††††

 Room Air Leakage Testing††

 Underfloor Air Leakage Test††††††

 ERDA / ANSI-N510 Testing†

 HEPA Filter & Housing Testing

 Lab Ventilation Management

 Indoor Air Quality

 Surveys Pre-design Services

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In the year of 2009, we have also setup a joint venture with Neudorfer Engineers Inc in Singapore named Neudorfer Engineers Asia Pte Ltd.† Neudorfer Engineers is a National Environmental Balance Bureau (NEBB) Certified Engineering Firm in all four of the NEBB Disciplines and brings years of experience certifying both microelectronic and pharmaceutical cleanroom facilities.† We work with our knowledge of the array of design in cleanrooms.



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